Stroller Repair Toronto – 4 Noteworthy Services to Check Out!


Stroller Repair Toronto – Where to get your stroller tuned up and cleaned!

As a parent, there are few things that are more stressful and overwhelming than a broken stroller. Your child’s stroller is your key to exploring Toronto freely while keeping your little ones safe, so it’s important for both your sanity and wellbeing that it is operating at its best! Whether your stroller has taken a hit due to the harsh winter weather or you’ve purchased a used stroller that needs a bit of a tune up, you have so many options for stroller repair services in Toronto! 


Macklem’s is a well-known name among Toronto parents, as they have been in business since 1945! They’re a great place to purchase anything you might need for your baby, like clothes, supplies, and games. But did you know that they also repair strollers? 

Macklem’s has its very own stroller repair depot that can assist you with all of your stroller repairing needs! You just bring your stroller in, drop it off, and pick it up within a few days. It’s that simple! If your stroller is still under its warranty, they’ll even file it for you to complete the repairs. 

Has your stroller gotten super dirty thanks to chicken nugget crumbs and kids who spill apple juice all over their seats? Macklem’s has you covered with their extensive stroller cleaning service! 

Macklem’s is located at 2223 Dundas St. W. Toronto, ON

Stroller Spa 

Stroller Spa is another great option for stroller repairs and cleaning in Toronto. If you love the idea of a deep clean but hate the idea of harsh chemicals being used on something your baby spends so much time in, you can rest easily knowing that Stroller Spa uses all eco-friendly, biodegradable, and unscented products! They get the job done without the harsh stuff, promising to use nothing harsher than a bit of elbow grease.

Stroller Spa offers detail services, repair services, and even car seat installation services! They also offer rentals and sell strollers! 

Stroller Spa Toronto is located at 300 Campbell Avenue unit 109. Toronto, ON. 

Stroller Rescue 

Stroller Rescue is your one stop shop in Toronto for all things stroller! They offer packages to fit your needs, combining cleaning and repairs for an in-depth service that will leave your stroller looking and feeling like new! 

They also offer cleaning services for other baby products, like car seats, bouncers, mattresses, bassinets, and much more! These things can be so frustrating to clean, so having a place that you can bring it all in is extremely convenient. 

Stroller Rescue is located at 2402 Dufferin St. Unit D Toronto, ON. 

Stroller Dr. 

Another great option in Toronto for stroller repairs is Stroller Dr. This woman owned shop was founded by a Toronto mom who grew tired of purchasing a new stroller for every baby and sought out a way to repair and refurbish her old wheels. 

Stroller Dr. Offers full-service repairs, tune-ups, and even steam cleaning! They even steam clean car seats, leaving your baby gear refreshed and feeling brand new! 

Stroller Dr.  is located at 132 Heath St. E. Toronto, ON. 

Stroller Repair Services in Toronto 

Whether you’re on your first baby or your tenth, stroller repairs are a great way to keep the stroller you have and turn it into one that is functional and beautiful again. We all know how much strollers cost, so the longer that you can prolong their life the better off you are! With so many options to choose from, there’s a stroller repair service in Toronto for everyone. 


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