3 Reasons to Shop at Love Me Do Baby & Maternity

Love Me Do Baby & Maternity

Love Me Do Baby & Maternity is a specialty family boutique located in Liberty Village in Toronto. They opened their doors in 2013 to give Canada the best and most beautiful baby items. 

Their carefully curated selection of high-quality products makes them unique, but their impact in the lives of new parents is what sets them apart from other stores. They offer in-store educational classes, teaching parents how to keep their kids safe and use the products that they buy correctly. 

Love Me Do Baby & Maternity has three key features that really make them shine.  Read below to find out more. 

Love Me Do Baby – 3 Reasons to Check Them Out

1. LOVEPOINTS Reward System

Love Me Do Baby’s reward system is called LOVEPOINTS and is a great way to earn money back every time you spend. 

This comes in handy when making large purchases. Every time you spend $1, you get 1 point. Things like following them on social media earn you 15 points while referring a friend earns you up to 100 points! You only need 150 points to get $5 off your purchase and the more points you have, the more money you save. A whopping 1,000 points saves you $40! 

LOVEPOINTS is a great way to save money for spending money that you’d spend anyway. Those points add up! 

2. Baby Registry 

Love Me Do Baby & Maternity has one of the best baby registry systems in Toronto. Your registry with them is fully available online to your friends and family, which is super convenient for anyone who doesn’t live in town or isn’t able to go in-person shopping. 

They also deliver to your special event and gift wrap items on your registry for free! These convenient features alone make it worth it. 

The best thing about their registry is their buy-out discount. If there’s anything on your registry that wasn’t purchased by anyone, Love Me Do Baby & Maternity gives you a 10% discount so that you can purchase them yourself. 

How sweet! 

3. Generous Sales 

Who doesn’t love a good sale? 

Love Me Do Baby & Maternity is always hosting some sort of sale and the sales section on their website is rather generous. 

There are multiple items on there for over 50% off at any given time, and their more specific sales are even better! You just can’t beat savings like this. 

Their sales include things like children’s apparel, maternity and nursing fashion, gear, home and nursery, personal care, feeding, and toys and books! If you need it, the odds are that it’s on sale! 

Love Me Do Baby & Maternity is a great option for anyone looking for a place with sales, rewards, a great registry program, or anyone that is simply searching for a great family boutique with a lot of brand options. They have anything you could ever need for you or your baby, making it a one-stop shop for all things nursery, baby, and parenting! 

I highly recommend stopping in on your next shopping trip. 


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