Toronto Lactation Consultant Services – 4 Great Options to start your search!

Toronto Lactation Consultant

4 Wonderful Toronto Lactation Consultant Services to check out!

The official title of a lactation consultant may be a new one to some moms, but the idea of lactation consultants has been around since the very first babies started latching onto their mothers in search of nutrients and food. Where there is breastfeeding, there are normal complications that arise and require coaching. This is the job of a lactation consultant. 

While thousands of years ago, early lactation consultants may have just been moms supporting one another along their breastfeeding journeys and sharing their experiences, today the role and duties of a lactation consultant look a bit different. A lactation consultant is a certified health professional whose career is centered around the clinical management of breastfeeding and all that it entails. They are the professionals who help you when your nipples are sore, your patience is short, and you need help getting through! 

There are so many great lactation consultants in the Toronto area to choose from, both free and for a fee. Let’s focus on some of the great paid options available in the area! 

1. Nutmeg Consulting 

Nutmeg Consulting offers lactation consulting services from both International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and Registered Nurses. They promise to offer non-judgemental services from wherever you are most comfortable, whether that is in your hospital room after birth, in your home, or even virtually. They assist with every lactation issue you can think of and even offer a virtual academy on breastfeeding to further your knowledge, whether you’re a first-time mama or a seasoned professional.

2. Oona (formerly)West End Mamas 

Oona offers International Board Certified Lactation Consultants that can help you by using the most updated research and methods and applying that to your situation! Their team is full of knowledgeable health professionals who can assist you with your baby’s nutrition, whether you choose to breastfeed or need help supplementing with formula. They offer both in-home and in-office visits and they are located at 2477 Bloor St. W. 2nd floor Toronto, ON. 

3. Yoga Mamas 

Yoga Mamas currently has a lactation consultant who has been practicing for over 10 years and is both an International Medicine Graduate and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant! She also specializes in child nutrition. Yoga Mamas offers services in their office and seeks to empower women through their supportive experiences at the facility. 

Yoga Mamas is located at 1402 Queen St. E Suite D. Toronto, ON. 

4. The International Breastfeeding Centre

The International Breastfeeding Centre, commonly known as the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and Institute, is a lactation consulting office founded by Dr. Jack Newman. While the other options listed contain an all-female staff, this office is overseen by Dr. Newman himself. 

The International Breastfeeding Centre rejoices over the 38 years of experience that Dr. Newman has serving breastfeeding parents and is a great option for mothers looking for a knowledgeable lactation consultant. 

It is located at 58A-2700 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON. 

Choosing a Toronto Lactation Consultant – So Many Great Options

Whether you’re looking for a lactation consultant that meets you where you are or you’re looking for a space to come to with your baby to have all of your needs addressed, there is a place for you in Toronto! We live among some of the most skilled lactation consultants in the world and no matter who you choose off of this list, you are in good hands. 

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