3 Reasons Why I Love Family Portrait Sessions in High Park, Toronto!

family portrait session in High Park Toronto

Toronto has so many wonderful locations to have a fun family photo session.  We are spoiled with choices!  One of my favourite locations for family portraits in the west end of the city is High Park.  This park is like a little oasis in the city and when I’m there, I actually forget that I am downtown Toronto!


1.Easy to get to & Lots of Amenities!

I love picking locations for my family sessions that are easy to get to. Whether you live in the area or surrounding neighbourhoods or are across the city, I want to make sure that our meeting spot is as easy to get to as possible!

Located in the west end of Toronto, High Park is easy to get to by public transit, driving or walking if you live in the surrounding area. The main entrance to the park is just off of Bloor street at  1873 Bloor St W.  There are a few other ways to drive into the park including the entrance at Parkside Drive and High Park BLVD, Parkside Drive and Spring Avenue, and Colborne Lodge Drive. There are a plethora of parking lots inside the park, but it should be noted that the park is closed to vehicle traffic on the weekends.  Being a mom of two small children, I also love that the park has a few spots with public washrooms and an awesome restaurant to grab a bite to eat or an ice cream treat after your session!



2. So many spots to choose from with dreamy light

The majority of my sessions occur during the dreamy part of the day we photographers like to call golden hour.  Depending on the location you choose, this can be starting from 90 minutes before the sun sets.  High Park has so many beautiful spots to take advantage of this dreamy light.  Whether it be frolicking in a field of tall grass or exploring all of the hidden little paths, there are so many opportunities for beautiful timeless portraits.  Some of my families with young children like to have early morning sessions during the time of year when the sun sets a bit later and this light is equally dreamy!


3. Great photo spots any time of the year!

Since there are so many wonderful locations within High Park to choose from, it’s no surprise that you can achieve beautiful family portraits here any time of the year!  My favourite times are summer and fall.  I love all of the wildflowers in the summer and the greenery.  Warm summer nights make for a great time to explore the paths, pick some flowers and have a twirl in your favourite summer dress.  When the leaves start to turn in the fall you get the most beautifully textured warm photos.  If you aren’t a fan of greens but want nature as your backdrop, then fall is a great time in High Park to have your family portraits taken.  The sun sets earlier, so your littles won’t have to stay up as late and the cooler temperatures allow for some great clothing layering opportunities!


High Park, Toronto is like a little oasis in the big city.  You can literally spend hours there exploring and playing.  If you are location scouting for your next family photo session, I highly recommend High Park!


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