Wellbe Family Wellness – 3 Reasons to check out this East Toronto Clinic!

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3 Great Reasons to Visit Wellbe Family Wellness

A great resource in the Toronto community is Wellbe, a family wellness clinic that supports total body health for every lifestyle and lifecycle. This wonderful family wellness clinic accepts patients of every age and is located at 1059 Gerrard St. East Toronto, ON M4M 1Z7.

Whether you’re a mom looking for a comprehensive eastern medicine facility for the entire family, a mom-to-be looking for a one-stop-shop for all things wellness, or just a single individual who wants to make lifestyle changes and implement holistic methods of healing, Wellbe is the perfect solution. 

Though there are a plethora of reasons why Wellbe should be on your radar, I’ve outlined a few of the most unique. 

1.Everyone Can Benefit from Wellbe Family Wellness

One of the most unique things about Wellbe is the fact that it is inclusive of every age and every phase of life. If you have a family, they can all receive services at Wellbe.  Wellbe is a gold mine of valuable wellness resources in one building. They’re here to meet you where you are in your life, not the other way around. 

There’s no need to go on a hunt for natural medicine services for yourself and then go on another one to try to find services for your children. At Wellbe, everyone is welcome and can come to one location to be seen. 

2. The List of Services Provided at Wellbe is Extensive

Have you ever dreamed of getting a massage to break up the physical tension in your body immediately following a life-changing therapy session? Personally, nothing sounds more healing. 

Wellbe is truly a one-stop shop for all things wellness. Whether you’re looking for nutrition services, mental health appointments, or even chiropractic care, your needs will be met within these four walls! 

Their services include: 

  • Holistic nutrition services 
    • Available for adults, babies, and children. 
    • Special programs are designed specifically for your needs, including but not limited to women’s health and pre and post-natal. 
    • They offer two comprehensive nutrition packages to jumpstart your progress and get you where you want to be. 
    • The focus is on whole-person nutrition, NEVER utilizing fad or crash diets. 
  • Counselling and therapy services 
    • Available for individuals, families, kids and teens, and couples.
    • Registered psychotherapists, social workers, and counsellors.
  • Naturopathic medicine services 
    • Available for adults, pre and post-natal, fertility and women’s health, and pediatric care.
    • Focus on identifying the root cause of symptoms.
    • Treatments include botanical medicine, cupping, lifestyle changes, nutrition, acupuncture, and various Eastern medicine practices. 
  • Acupuncture services 
    • Available for adults, fertility and women’s health, pre and post-natal, and cosmetic. 
    • Works to alleviate conditions such as pain, insomnia, sinus issues, and much more. 
  • Cesarean scar release therapy 
    • Works to help heal scarring from injuries, traumas, and more specifically C-sections. 
    • Non-invasive treatment to improve tissue and muscle functioning. 
  • Physiotherapy 
    • Available for babies, children, adults, and pelvic health. 
    • Individualized programs that are specific to patients’ needs.
    • Treatment may include things like acupuncture, rehabilitation through exercise and taping, and manual therapy. 
  • Registered massage therapy 
    • Available for adults, babies,  kids, and pre and post-natal. 
    • Wellbe also offers massage therapy specifically for manual lymphatic drainage. 
    • Treatments include things like cupping therapy, Swedish massage therapy, deep tissue therapy, and myofascial release. 

3. Wellbe Puts the Power in the Hands of their Patients 

Wellbe is such an incredible place because they were truly developed and founded with their patients in mind. 

With every service they provide, they are empowering their patients to make responsible life choices and encouraging whole-person health practices that carry over through generations. 

Whether it is their work with families, babies, or individuals, Wellbe’s focus is to be a center for all and a place for patients to come to better themselves and listen to what their bodies are telling them. 


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