West End Midwives – A wonderful clinic in North Toronto

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West End Midwives – A North Toronto Clinic to Check Out!

West End Midwives in North York is one of the premier midwifery clinics in Toronto. Conscious of the indigenous territories on which it sits, the clinic welcomes anyone, regardless of race, status, culture, or sexual orientation. They are committed to helping care for any pregnant person and helping them make the best decisions for their baby, without worrying about money, as all services at West End are covered by the Ministry of Health for those with OHIP, and potentially for those without a health card. 

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Midwifery and Language Services

There are many services offered at West End Midwives, who see prospective parents through their pregnancy, labour, and postpartum journey, with a small team supporting each patient 24/7 where needed. There are 20 midwives on staff, who between them can speak English, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Farsi, Punjabi, Hindi, and Gujarati. 

Pregnancy Support from West End Midwives

They see patients once a month up to 28 weeks of pregnancy, then once every 2 weeks between weeks 28 and 36, and weekly after 36 weeks until the baby is born.  Once you begin your West End care, your team will get to know you, your health history, and your pregnancy concerns, as well as organise all the standard pregnancy testing for you, including ultrasounds, laboratory tests, and genetic screening. 

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Birth Locations

As part of the care plan that you will build with your midwives, you will be given the option to have a home birth or hospital birth. Hospital births are organised at one of the partner hospitals that West End Midwives work with – William Osler Etobicoke General Hospital at 101 Humber College Boulevard, or Finch Ave and Humber River Hospital at 1235 Wilson Avenue.

Labour and Delivery

During your labour your midwife will support you physically and emotionally while assessing you and your baby throughout. Once the baby is ready to be born, a second midwife will join to help with the birth, and if all goes smoothly, no one but you, your midwives, and your family will be present at the birth, and you will be able to go home in a few hours. 

Postpartum Care with West End Midwives

After the birth, your midwives will support you for up to 6 weeks, with visits 24 hours after the birth and throughout the first week, and then follow up at the clinic at 2, 4, and 6 weeks postpartum. Throughout your whole journey with West End Midwives, your midwives will be available to answer your questions and concerns and provide support. They are a wealth of knowledge on pregnancy, labour, and new-borns, as well as the different types of care available, and resources on related topics (including COVID-19 and its potential impact on your pregnancy and care). 

West End Midwives is a great choice for North Toronto parents to be!

Whatever your pregnancy wants and needs, West End Midwives is here to support your journey and ensure that you have a smooth and calm pregnancy, regardless of who you are or what your background might be. West End Midwives puts parental and natal care at the heart of everything they do and will warmly welcome anyone in the local Toronto community through their doors.


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