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Can you give a brief story on how Helping Hands Doula was started? 

Established in 2000, Kristi Clements, loved supporting families. After years of being oncall and missing family milestones, she figured there must be a way to support others while still maintaining a work/life balance. After meeting Co-Owner Jessica Payne, it clicked, and the team care model was formed. We are unique to the industry in that we provide a “Shared Care Model”, which means there is always a team member ready to assist you when you need us. 

What kind of training do you/your doulas have?

Doulas go through base training from specific Doula Organizations and work towards their certification. There are also a lot of continuing education opportunities such as infant feeding specialists, twins & multiples, newborn sleep education and more! At Helping Hands Doula we also provide a lot of internal training, workshops and peer mentoring. 

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 Can you tell everyone what services you offer and what services area they cover?

We provide Birth and Postpartum Support to families in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as virtually anywhere in the world!

We have a variety of packages to suit everyone’s needs. 

Some of our support includes:

  • personalized prenatal classes
  • first aid & CPR classes
  • virtual support 
  • birth support
  • postpartum support 
  • welcome home packages
  • lactation support
  • sleep support

What do you see as the main benefits of hiring a birth doula?

An experienced Doula can improve your pregnancy and labour experience by providing guidance through this unfamiliar time. We are experts in decreasing stress, worry and anxiety. Providing information and next steps make a huge difference for many couples. Our job is to keep you informed of all your options so that you can make informed choices as to what feels best for you.

Our Birth packages include prenatal classes, group chat, birth support (virtual or in person) and can also include postpartum. 

So overall the main benefit is helping you and your partner feel more prepared and support for this journey.

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How do birth doulas work with midwives and OBGYN’s?

A Doula, in no way, replaces your midwife or OB/GYN. We do not get in the way or overstep our scope of practice. Your Health Care Provider is focusing on medical safety, whereas Your Doula is there to keep you calm & comfortable. We provide ongoing guidance through your pregnancy/ birth and help explain processes/procedures. Learn more here.

I recently saw on your instagram a post about supporting mothers during a c-section. Can you elaborate on what this might look like? Does it matter if it is planned vs unplanned?

As Doulas we believe in educating for every birth scenario. We know birth is unpredictable and we want you to be prepared. Doulas can support ALL births. 

For planned C Sections: Our support is beneficial because your prenatal classes can be customized and geared towards CSection education. Your group chat is available for all your questions or concerns and your birth doula can be with you virtually (or in person depending on circumstances) in the operating room to provide emotional support as well as explaining the process as it is happening.

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For someone who knows nothing about working with a doula, can you give a brief outline of the process of working with one? For example, how does booking a birth/postpartum doula work? Do you get to choose who you work with?

Great question! Your first step would be to give us a call. We can explain the process and send you all of the package information. 

Once you register and pay your deposit your group chat with your Doula team will be set up (for Birth Doula support).

We always recommend putting your support in place as soon as possible because some months are busy with babies and we want to be able to guarantee your support. Plus you have access to your group chat right away, which means the earlier you book in your pregnancy, the more value you receive!

We do not necessarily have consultations one on one with our Doula‘s because we work as a team. We have monthly workshops where you can meet the Doulas to form connections with them in our private break-out rooms. These workshops are also a great way to gain education and ask any burning questions you may have.

What do you wish more people knew/understood about birth or postpartum? Do you have any advice you can share with first time parents?

Most of the items that first time families have on their registry, don’t set them up for success. If the budget could be adjusted from products to services, the transition to parenting would go so much smoother for first time families. Babies don’t need much clothing in the beginning. Babies also have a tendency to want to be held – and for many babies they don’t want to spend much time in swings, bouncers, or seats. A lot of the products become under used. 

Invest in services, shameless plug here for doulas! In reality doulas do so much both in getting you prepared, but also helping the adjustment at home. Ask your family to pre purchase gift certificates for registered massage therapy, food services, cleaners, dog walkers, and sessions with a therapist that specializes in postpartum transition. I promise you will remember feeling loved so much more.

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Is there anything else you’d like to share?

We believe Doula support is essential and everyone deserves a Doula. We also believe Doulas makes the best gifts and have a gift registry that you can use for your baby shower!


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