Toronto Prenatal Classes – 6 Excellent Free and Paid Options!

Toronto Prenatal Classes

Toronto Prenatal Classes – Free and Paid Options for everyone!

Prenatal classes are a great way to prepare yourself for parenthood by equipping you with the skills you need before the baby comes. These classes instill so many important skills surrounding pregnancy and childbirth that attending them with your partner (or whoever is supporting you on this journey) is highly recommended among doctors. If you’re located in Toronto, you’re in luck because we have some of the best options for prenatal classes in all of Canada! 

Toronto Public Health is a Great Resource for Expecting Mamas 

If you’re looking for a free option, Toronto Public Health has you covered! 

They offer several free prenatal programs to suit the needs of expecting parents and hold these classes in both individual and group sessions. Their programs include classes on prenatal nutrition and parenting basics. They also have classes catered specifically towards young parents, and offer programs that include voluntary home visits to assist you even further! These sessions are all held by nurses and/or registered dieticians. 

For more information about the classes at Toronto Public Health, click here. 

Local Hospitals are a Great Place to Start for Prenatal Resources 

If you know what hospital you’d like to give birth in, or if you live close to a hospital, attending the prenatal class being held there may be a great idea.

Each Toronto hospital holds its own prenatal classes for expecting parents. While the requirements and fees may vary for each one, the content will remain the same and will be presented by medical staff. Contact your local hospital to find out more information on their prenatal classes and to register.

Private Prenatal Classes

Nutmeg Consulting 

Nutmeg Consulting is a great resource for parents who need specific information and don’t want to sit through hours of topics that they already know about. 

They are currently holding only private prenatal sessions, which ensure that you are only learning material that is relevant to you. These sessions prepare you for childbirth, pregnancy, and everything that comes with it while providing a personalized experience. You have 1-on-1 access to a professional, ensuring you get the answers you need when you need them. All classes are currently being held virtually! 

For more information on Nutmeg Consulting and their prenatal classes, visit them here. 

The Baby Academy 

The Baby Academy is an excellent online resource that combines live online classes with interactive features to compose a prenatal experience like no other! 

All sessions are led by health professionals, a 40% discount can be applied if you receive private health insurance, and there are so many valuable courses to choose from! The Baby Academy regularly hosts free classes as well, teaching basics like baby safety and care to prepare you in case of emergency. 

You can learn more about The Baby Academy and its offerings here. 

West End Mamas 

West End Mamas is an invaluable resource for moms and moms to be. They have a wide range of prenatal classes, ranging from cloth diapering to self-care classes, all the way to nutrition for you and your baby. They also offer many of these classes for free, so be sure to stay updated on their website and look out for these deals! 

To view the wide range of prenatal classes that West End Mamas offers, visit them here. 

Yoga Mamas 

Yoga Mamas offers a plethora of online prenatal education classes that work for any schedule!

Their classes are held by birth and postpartum doulas that are experts in the field, so you are in good hands. These classes are available during the week and on weekends, allowing you the freedom to place them into your schedule wherever they’ll fit best! Classes include things like overall prenatal education to increase confidence and reduce anxiety while preparing for your child, as well as more niche topics like HypnoBirthing! 

Their class offerings change, so be sure to check their website for current classes! 

Prenatal Classes in Toronto

There truly isn’t a bad option when it comes to Toronto prenatal classes! Take one course, take them all, whatever you do just make sure that you at least take one of these classes. They are so valuable and will truly prepare your mind, body, and soul when the time comes! 


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