West End Mamas: 4 Reasons Why I Always Recommend them for Maternal Wellness Services

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Whether a first-time mama or a seasoned mama, prioritizing you and your baby’s health is always a top priority on your list.  West End Mamas was created with just that in mind.  It is a total package wellness clinic that supports you from before conception all the way into your journey into parenthood.   They offer so many different services from doula services, acupuncture, chiropractic care, pelvic floor physiotherapy, pediatric care, nutrition and diet services, lactation and breastfeeding support and so on. This place does it all! 

West End Mamas is my personal favorite maternal wellness clinic located in Toronto. I’ve used their services for both prenatal and postpartum care and I am always happy with the support I receive. When it came to my pregnancy, West End Mamas was there to help me deal with my aches and pains. I saw a chiropractor who healed my SI Joint pain and a pelvic floor physiotherapist who helped me ensure my pelvic floor was in tip top shape for delivery.  Postpartum, my daughter received amazing chiropractic care and I continue to see a chiropractor and pelvic floor physiotherapist for my needs.

If you’re interested in learning why I totally recommend West End Mamas in Toronto, keep reading!

4 Reasons Why I Always Recommend West End Mamas for Wellness Services:

1. The staff

When choosing a wellness clinic, you want to work with people who feel more like friends and family rather than a nurse or doctor. Pregnancy is such an emotional journey, and the team here helped me through everything. They knew exactly what to say to make me feel better, and I could tell they truly cared about me, my baby, and my family. They don’t ever want you to feel uncomfortable, and they always went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed. 

2. The quality of care

From personal experience, I can truly say that I have never received such great care as I did at West End Mamas. They knew everything about pregnancy, and the different services you can receive in just one place is amazing. I personally have used their pelvic floor physio and chiro services while pregnant and postpartum, and the quality of care in each of the services is still unmatched. 

3. Services offered

The wealth of services this wellness clinic offers was the thing I loved the most. It’s like a one stop shop for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum. They don’t just provide clients with education and mental support, they helped with lactation support, they helped me figure out my hormone imbalance, and they helped me to get in touch with my mind and body, so I didn’t suffer from postpartum depression. 

4. The location

West End Mamas offers 2 locations in the GTA. The downtown location is easily accessible by subway and if you are driving there is lots of parking nearby. Being pregnant and having easy access to the wellness services you need is super important. If you are traveling there with your baby, note that you cannot bring your strollers inside. They do offer locks so that you can secure your stroller outside.  

If you’re located in Toronto and are looking for the best wellness clinic service, I always recommend West End Mamas! I will forever be grateful for their care and services! 


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