Kol Kid – 3 Reasons to Check Out this Amazing Toronto Store!

Kol Kid

Kol Kid is an independent children’s retailer based in Toronto and has been providing the local community with children’s clothing, toys, and decor since 1999.

While there are many reasons to support and love this local business, I’ve picked out 3 of the best that will make you and your little ones want to keep coming back.  I know my kids love this store!

1. Caters to wide variety of kids’ (and parents’) needs as they grow

The wide variety of unique and unusual items for sale at Kol Kid is enough to make anyone want to keep shopping at the store. They stock quality children’s clothing brands such as Mini Rodini, Munster, and Misha & Puff which have a variety of quirky patterns and designs. However, as well as making sure your little one dresses stylishly, there are also lots of products on offer to make you both feel stylish too (and maybe make you look like you have more calm and collected control than you might feel underneath). These include the kind of items that are always useful but that we somehow never remember to buy – on the go potty and on the go potty replacement bags, airport gate bags for strollers or car seats, baby training toothbrushes, extra-safe, no-tip sippy cups and baby changing bags with multiple compartments and extra ease accessories.

2. Unique toys to keep your tots amused for hours

One of the ways that Kol Kid stands out from its competitors is through the section of heirloom toys and products it offers. These include wooden toys and traditional toys like barbell rattles, music boxes, wooden blocks, hand painted animal figurines and creative play sets from a variety of brands. Special mention needs to go to the Uncle Goose letter blocks however, which come in several different varieties for the letters or phonics of different languages, including French, Italian, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

With toys such as these, your children will be able to embrace aspects of heritage, culture and language from their very earliest days. Meanwhile science kits and puzzle books are amongst the items on offer for older children to nurture their inquisitiveness and creativity as they grow and explore the world around them.

3. Gift Registry

Kol Kid also provides features to help make shopping an easier and more enjoyable experience for its customers. One of the best ways that they do this is through offering a gift registry service, whether to be used in preparation for a baby arriving or ahead of a birthday, or merely as an easy way to keep track of clothes and toys for your kids as they grow into and then outgrow items faster than you can blink. The registry can be used online or discussed with employees in store, so you can share and prepare with your loved ones for the next steps in your little one’s journey.

With their finger on the pulse of what’s new in children’s clothing, care and toys, while also having the highest appreciation for handcrafted and traditional toys, managing to blend both aspects seamlessly. Whatever your child care or entertainment needs, Kol Kid is bound to have something for every taste, adult, child and tot alike; especially if you’re looking for something more unusual.


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