7 Awesome Toronto Swim Schools for Kids Swim Lessons

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7 Great Alternatives to the City of Toronto Swim Lessons

If you have a child and you’ve looked into swimming lessons in the area, the odds are that you have been prompted to the City of Toronto’s very own swimming lessons. While they are a great option, they can often be difficult to get into. It feels a bit like the Hunger Games on sign up days! 

Lucky for you, there are many other fabulous options in Toronto! Check out the post below for 7 great Toronto Swim Schools!

City of Toronto Swimming Lessons

The swimming lessons offered by the City of Toronto are often the first place parents look when searching for swimming lessons in the area. 

There are many different types of courses offered for different skill levels and age groups. These offerings fluctuate slightly by season and classes fill up quickly. It’s important to note that there are a few different locations for these lessons, so if the classes near you fill up then it’s worth calling the other locations to see if they have any availability.

Some of the offerings listed by the City of Toronto include:

Learn to Swim: Six months to Five years

Learn to Swim: Five to 16 years

Learn to Swim: 17 years+ and 60 years+ 

Competitive Swimming and Aquatic Sport

Pre-Lifeguard Programs

Stroke Improvement and Swim Fit Programs

Jack of Sports

Jack of Sports is a great place for swim lessons in Toronto and the company offers several different locations in West End, the East End, and Central Toronto. The great thing about Jack of Sports is that they offer many other sports as well during the year, so if you’d like to get your kids involved in a few different things then it is likely that they will be around some of the same kids. They even have a half-day swim camp during the summer. 

Jack of Sports has a toddler program specifically for kids ages 1.5-2.75 years old. They then have Parent & Tot lessons for kids 2.75-2.5 years old. After that, they move on to either group, private, or semi-private lessons. Swim lessons are broken up into stroke technique, deep-end skills, endurance, and small games. They are broken up into age and skill level, but if you have multiple children you can enroll them in classes at the same time.

Felix Swim School

Felix Swim School offers locations in Thornhill, North York, Woodbridge, Markham, East End, West End, and Central Toronto. They offer 3:1 or 4:1 class sizes to ensure safety as well as the quality of the lessons. 

Programs include Learn to Swim Children/Teens, Adult Swim Lessons, Parent and Tot, Life Saving Instruction, as well as many other offerings for first aid, water safety instruction, etc. 


Propel is a great Toronto swim school for busy parents. With flexible scheduling and no registration days, you can truly fit swim lessons into your life without a hassle. Whether your child is a quick learner or needs a little more time, Propel allows them to learn at their own pace which is crucial when it comes to something as important as swimming. You have your pick of swim location with this program. 

Propel has instructors for every age group, as well as a specially adapted aquatics program.

Davina’s Swim House 

With several options in Toronto and North York, Davina’s Swim House has been offering swimming lessons in Toronto for over 20 years. 

Whether you’re looking for a parent & tot class, foundations courses, kid-focused swim lessons, advanced swim classes, private or semi-private lessons, or even adult lessons for yourself, Davina’s Swim House has it all. 

TAC Aquatics 

TAC Aquatics calls itself the premier innovative swim school, and the reviews back it up! They boast locations that span across Toronto and in addition to their swim lessons for all ages, they also host a March break program and a Summer Camp program! 

If you’re looking to teach your children how to swim but you don’t have the time after work for lessons, their day camp programs are a great option to learn and develop swim skills during a regular day. 

Beach Swim School

Beach Swim School is a Toronto swim school that is affiliated with The Lifesaving Society, the national provider of Swimming and Water Safety in Canada. 

The Beach Swim School has a Lifesaving Preschool Program dedicated to kiddos 3 years old-5 years old. After this, they go on to Beach Swim 1-8 and learn different skills to build upon to strengthen their swimming. 

The Beach Swim School is set apart from the rest thanks to their ratios, offering 1:1 for lil’ swimmers, 2:1 for preschool, and 3:1 for Beach Swim Levels 1-8. 

British Swim School

British Swim School has year-round enrollment, making it an excellent choice for parents who want to get their kids started in lessons right away. 

Their handy zip-code lookup feature on their website allows you to find the classes closest to you. They offer classes for children as young as 3 months old, and their classes and lessons span to include adults. Their programs take place in indoor pools year-round, so no need to reschedule for the weather!

British Swim School is a franchise company that has locations across the United States, Canada, and even Turkey. 

So many great options for swim lessons in Toronto!

Whether you’re enrolling your child in a swim program today, tomorrow, or later down the road, you’re making a great first step by researching what is out there! Swim programs teach children the skills that they need to survive accidents because as we all know, they do happen. With a strong background in swimming, your child can have fun and you can breathe easier knowing that they know what to do in a dangerous situation. 


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