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Your baby’s first year is filled with so many special milestones.  From the first smile, to the first time they roll over or sit up on their own, to crawling and then finally walking! As a mom of 2 children I know how quickly the first year went by. I tried to capture these special moments for my children and I love that I can offer my wonderful clients the same opportunity. As a Toronto baby photographer, my goal is to capture all the sweet things about your baby that you don’t want to forget.

My baby photography sessions take place either at your  home or an outdoor location if the weather is agreeable.  I usually have outdoor sessions from about April-November.  You might want to have the session at your home if you want to capture your baby where they feel most comfortable.  Just like my newborn sessions, my baby photography sessions take place in the nursery, main bedroom and living room.

Read below my top 3 reasons to book a baby photography session.  I promise, you won’t regret it.

3 Reasons why you should book a Toronto baby photography session

1. They won’t stay little for long!

Once your baby is over the newborn stage, they grow and change so quickly! One day they are laying there like a sweet sack of potatoes and the next they have rolled over. Before you know it, they will be running away from you! My favourite type of baby session to book is when your baby can sit up but cannot crawl yet.  This happens usually between 6 and 9 months of age.  I find this age just the sweetest.  Typical milestones that you may want to capture can include when your baby can happily do tummy time (2-4 months), sitting (6-9 months) crawling (9-12 months) and of course their first birthday!

2. They have so many sweet expressions!

Watching your baby’s personality develop is so fun.  Capturing all of their expressions and sweet features during a baby photography session is such a great way to preserve all of the little details you don’t want to forget.  Whether it be their drooly chin to the way they grab their toes when their are laying on their backs, before you know it they’ve stopped doing it.

3. You can join in on the fun!

You may have been in the photos for your newborn session so why not join in on the fun during your baby’s portrait session!  I absolutely adore capturing the sweet connection between parents and their babies.  I know it can be hard for us to get in front of the camera when we are the ones trying to capture all the sweet moments.  Let me help you by doing all the work!

Thanks for taking the time to read my top 3 reasons for booking a baby photography session! If you are looking for a photographer for your baby photography session in Toronto, send me a message and let’s chat about you adorable baby and all the things you want captured!

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