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Mommy Connections - Moms group in Toronto

Mommy Connections brings together moms all over Toronto!

Mommy Connections is one of the most valuable resources available to Canadian moms looking to create a community of their own. Within these powerful programs, there is so much information, support, and activity packed into every single session. Toronto moms can rejoice knowing that there are three chapters available locally for them to choose from – West, East, and Midtown! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing some amazing mommies for the West Chapter too!

My Story with Mommy Connections

Mommy Connections is a company that is near and dear to my heart because it has touched my life personally and I’ve seen the amazing things that it can do for a mom firsthand.

When my son was 8 months old, I was feeling extremely isolated. This is not groundbreaking, as many of us have felt this way in the aftermath of bringing a new person into the world. But too often are we taught to just deal with it, bask in our loneliness, and figure out how to move on in our new mom lives. After the excitement of the new baby wears off, after all of the family members stop coming by with meals and after all of the baby shower diapers run out, what’re we left with? This period is difficult and it’s something we don’t talk about enough.

I found Mommy Connections, West Toronto through luck and their program helped get me through this time in my life that no one prepared me for. I met great friends that were experiencing the same things and we clung to each other and worked through these emotions together. I cannot even begin to stress how beneficial this program was for me, and in turn for my son and my family.

Programs Offered by Mommy Connections

There are a few different program options that Mommy Connections offers and they are based on the age of your child. You can start a program as soon as you find out that you’re pregnant and you can continue until your child has surpassed the age of 4.


Mom-To-Be is a program that is specifically for pregnant moms. This is not a prenatal program but is instead meant to serve as an addition to a traditional program.

This program offers information pertaining to the final stage of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as the first few months of being a new parent. Through this course, moms learn what they should expect in the near future and get to discuss their current concerns with others that are dealing with the same things. There are prizes, gift bags, and even gentle pilates and yoga classes!

Mom & Baby

Mom & Baby programs at Mommy Connections are for mothers with babies that range from 0-18 months old and incorporate fun activities with expert advice in a fun and supportive environment.

There are three different programs, Mom & Baby which is for babies 0-9 months, Mini Movers which is for babies 6-18 months, and Mama Movers which is a postpartum fitness class that incorporates your baby and is designed for moms with babies 0-9 months.

It’s important to note that not every chapter offers every program all the time, so contact your local chapter for specific offerings.

Mom & Tot

Mom & Tot is a program at Mommy Connections for the older babes, ranging from 18 months to 4 years old.

This program is unique because activities are sponsored by local businesses and groups travel to different spots every single week to check out different fun activities! One week you may go swimming, the next you may play music, and the next you may be building arts and crafts! The possibilities are endless and this program is a great way to get out in the community and make friends with other moms in the area.

If you have children younger than 18 months, you’re more than welcome to bring them along with their older siblings! Just keep in mind that activities will be catered to the older group, so if you want something specific to your younger baby then think about signing them up for their age program too.

Mommy Connections Toronto is a Great Place for Community

Whether you’re a mom-to-be, the mom of a new baby, or the mom of toddlers, Mommy Connections has a program to meet your needs! This is a great way to get out in the local community and build connections with others while also engaging your children in age-appropriate activities.


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