Newborn Prep Guide

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Hooray you've booked your newborn session!   I am so honoured to be able to capture these first precious moments with your growing family.  My goal is to help you create some beautiful memories  and my hope is that you will want to display these treasures in your home for all to see! 

My sessions are super simple and laid back. I will guide you every step of the way.  All of my sessions are baby led.  Once I arrive at your home, I will take a quick peek around the rooms to check out the light and then we will begin.  If siblings are involved, I may get them to help me in the house tour so they have a chance to warm up to the idea of me being in their home.  

Snuggles, cuddles, and admiring your new baby is all you have to worry about.  I promise we will have an amazing time! 

I'm so excited to work with you!

Congrats on booking your session!

Tips to ensure a successful newborn session

1. Feed the baby and siblings!

Before I arrive, make sure baby is fed. A fed baby is a content baby. It doesn't matter to me if baby is asleep or awake.  We will go with the flow. If your little ones needs a top up while we are taking our images, we will pause and let baby eat.  These can also make for some special photo opportunities.  If siblings are taking part, make sure they've had a snack before the session.  Hangry kids and photography can be a bit tricky!

2. Warm your house!

If you'd like images of baby in just a diaper or diaper shirt then please crank your heat or turn down your ac.  A warm baby is a happy baby! We may feel hot but baby will be nice and toasty.  

3. Choose simple, timeless clothes for the baby

If you have an outfit you'd like baby to wear, please make sure it fits them!  When clothes are too big, the photos look awkward and baby looks like they are being swallowed up.  Try to have a plain diaper shirt on hand without logos.  White tends to be more timeless but if you have a colour scheme in mind then go with that! My advice is keep it simple.  We want to focus on your newborn and not their outfit.  I have a selection of neutral onesies and rompers that clients are free to use.  (see below for examples)

4. Choose simple clothing for yourselves

Parents dress so you feel comfortable and relaxed. Moms, if you want to dress up a bit and put on a long flowy dress, go for it! Just make sure you feel great.  You don't need to be matching (i.e. all wearing the same colour), but try to stay in the same tonal family. I would avoid really dark colours like black and navy. Also avoid super bright colours (think neon) and large patterns or clothes with logos.   Think about your home's decor and colour palette and try to coordinate.  Lighter, warmer tones always have a great timeless look and feel. If you want to wear darker colours, just make sure it's not going to clash with anything in your home such as the bedspread or paint colours.  Feel free to go with bare feet too!  Sport socks should be avoided.   Here is a link to some outfit ideas. I'm also happy to help you choose your outfits before the session.  Just send me some snaps and I'll give you my feedback! Make sure your nails are camera ready too as they may end up in some close up images!

5. Keep the swaddles simple!

Have some neutral swaddle blankets on hand too.  If baby is fussy, I like to swaddle them so they feel secure and warm!  I also have a small selection of wraps and knit blankets that I always bring with me to sessions so don't stress if you don't  have any! If you have a special blanket you'd like to include for some images, that's great too. 

6. Declutter areas near your big light sources

I generally shoot in the main bedroom, nursery and living room.  This all depends on the lighting situation.  Please try and remove any clutter, you would not like photographed. For example, take all the items off your night stands like phone chargers, glasses of water, books etc.   You don't need a spotless house, just a few tidy areas where we can work. I will help you move small items when I am there.  If your bedspread is  a super dark colour or bold pattern and you are looking for more bright photos, then I would suggest switching it out for something neutral and lighter.  Even a white/cream set of sheets or similar blanket can work.  Bedding with bright colours or patterns can cast shadows and colours on the skin which can be less flattering! 

7. Relax and be in the moment!

I know if can feel a bit awkward to have someone with a camera all up in your face but I promise you I will guide you every step of the way during your session.  The more relaxed your are, the more natural looking your photos will be.  If you have young siblings joining, don't worry about them acting like perfect angels.  I have 2 small children....I understand chaos. Sometimes it's fun to pick out a story to read as a family  so that the siblings can get a chance to calm down and get used to the idea of a stranger in their home.  Embrace the moment and enjoy your newest family member!

Newborn Client Closet



I know not everyone has a selection of neutral newborn sized outfits (hello hand me downs!), so I've curated a selection of the sweetest neutral outfits that are available for you to borrow for your newborn session.  All pieces are freshly laundered in a hypoallergenic detergent.  

I also have a selection of neutral swaddle blankets that I bring to each session. 

Let me help you prepare for your newborn session! 

A Typical Session

Your newborn session will take place on a weekday morning starting at 10am in your home. Sessions last approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.   I typically shoot in the nursery, main bedroom and living room.  All I need is one window with good light and we are golden! 

After our session, you will receive a private gallery with proofs of the best images from our time together.  From there you will pick your collection.  When you final images are delivered to you, you will have access to an online shop where you can purchase prints and custom artwork and heirloom albums. 

How it works

Have more questions? 

Send me an email and ask away! I'm here to help.

If there is anything else you'd to know or need help understanding, please get in touch. No question is too silly.  

You might be wondering...

Q: Help! We don't know what to wear!

A. Do not stress! I'm here to help.  If you still need help after looking through my pinterest style guide, then send me some options for each person and I will tell you what I think.  We will figure out what colours look best with your homes decor.  


Q: How long will our session last? 

A. Sessions begin at 10 am and generally  take between 90 minutes and 2 hours.  Sessions are baby led, so this gives us enough time for feedings, diaper changes and breaks for siblings if they need it! 

Q: How does the complimentary artwork credit work? 

A. It's easy peasy!  once you have selected your image collection, I will send you a code to use in your cart at checkout.  The credit will be applied to the total amount in your cart.  So for example, if you receive the $400 artwork credit and order $600 worth of products, your total will be $200.  

Q:  Are pets welcome at our session? 

A.  Of course!  I love adding furry siblings to the mix during a session.  If your pet doesn't want to cooperate of you'd prefer they not be involved then that's ok too! 

Q: I feel super awkward in photos, help! 

A. Me too!  But here is the thing, I won't leave you hanging.  Even though my sessions capture natural interactions, they are totally curated and I help guide you every step of the way.  I help to pose you naturally and then offer prompts to get those authentic images.  

Claire did an absolutely amazing job with our newborn photos. It was such a calming experience having the photos done at our house. Claire put us all at ease, and the final output is perfect!

The Danforth, Toronto

Sarah & Brett

We had a great experience with Claire and were very happy with our newborn photos. Claire took her time during our session to ensure we got many different photos in the best locations in our house. She was also a pleasure to work with.

Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto

Jennifer & Marc

We booked Claire for a maternity shoot and newborn shoot, and she was incredible to work with. She was easy to communicate with, helped us at every step and was quick to turnaround our photos. Everything she took turned out amazing and we’re so pleased with the results

We are so happy we found Claire and can’t wait to do more family sessions with her in the future!

Mid-town, Toronto

C FAmily

Our most precious photos of our little one were taken by Claire. What makes her a special photographer in my mind is her patient and calm approach, the connection she is able to make with kids (they love her!) and her knack for capturing those perfect moments or expressions (the photos of our baby's sleep smile or him sticking his tongue out at us immediately come to mind). Thanks again Claire!

The Beaches, Toronto

Sumbul & Sanjay

Claire captured some really special moments for our family during a maternity family session in a beautiful park as well as a newborn session at our home. She is incredible to work with, really bringing out the personalities in our children. Plus, she has a great personality which made our photo sessions really fun! For all these reasons I highly recommend Claire!

Queen West, Toronto

Sarah & Phil

Claire is the best! We love the photos of our daughter! I was a bit apprehensive about a newborn session since it's such a stressful time, but she made everything relaxed and easy. Highly recommended!

Queen West, Toronto

Sundhya & Phil